Have you been exposed to Toxic Mold?

Can Toxic Mold Contaminate My Possessions?

by Wendy Michaelis, MAC

I hear the same questions over and over from our mold sensitive clients.

“If I’m sick from mold exposure, is everything in my home also contaminated?”   The honest answer is YES, but there is not a direct or easy answer as to how to handle it. 

The types and amount of mold along with the length of exposure contribute to the levels of illness you will experience when dealing with a mold situation; and will all play a role in your decision-making.

There has not been a “one-size-fits-all” answer to this question in our industry. However, after years of experience, we have finally identified consistencies  and developed a proprietary step-by-step process that will affordably and efficiently restore the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in your space. It will reduce the risk of cross contamination, and save time and money as compared to the current pack-out process.  ...MORE

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Parts of The Remediation Process

The key is to start big and work smaller and smaller

A mold assessor inspects the space, finds the cause & writes the protocol. The remediation company removes all damaged materials and visible fungal growth. The assessor then tests the affected area to ensure the mold is gone.

Address the Mold

2-20microns in size

Fungal spores, fragments and hyphae settle are heavier than air and will settle in the dust all around your space. They can easily get sucked into the HVAC system and start growing from excess condensation. HEPA vacuuming the entire space and cleaning the HVAC ducts may be needed. 

Address the Dust


Mycotoxins are mold's chemical weapon for their survival. At 0.1 microns they are often not caught in HEPA filtration and are typically left behind after a remediation has completed. Serious health affects can result.

Address the Mycotoxins


Our Indoor Air Quality & Mold Testing

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Your space may contain health risks after a water event. This is due to the nature of mold and how quickly it can grow and thrive in water-damaged buildings. We can help you get air quality testing services FREE if you have an open insurance claim!

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